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Ironmongery Scheduling service


Ironmongery Scheduling service

Ironmongery Scheduling service



At B J Waller we offer a fantastic, free of charge ironmongery scheduling service. For both professional architects and builders alike, our ironmongery scheduling service takes into account your needs.

Priding ourselves on the ability to provide and prepare an ironmongery specification and quotation from floor plans and a basic door schedule, our ironmongery scheduling service is one not to miss out on.

From the earliest stages, our ironmongery scheduling service is conceived alongside the architect or client. We can visit your office, if required, to identify any potential problems in the ironmongery scheduling service and work through to a successful solution.

Once approved, the order formed from your ironmongery scheduling service is placed and we can deliver the ironmongery to site. If within a 30 mile radius, you could even receive this next day.

As members of the GAI, we work to the very latest British and European Standards ensuring that our ironmongery scheduling service is both safe, up-to-date and relevant to your project. All products recommended to you in our ironmongery scheduling service will be fit for their intended purpose and carry out the function you and your environment required.



Ironmongery schedule



Having a reputation as one of the UK's leading Architectural Ironmongery companies means you can be reassured that our services are top notch. This includes our ironmongery schedules, which can be completed for our clients free of charge.

Whether you are a professional architect or builder, our ironmongery schedules provide and prepare your ironmongery specification for your project. Able to create an ironmongery schedule from floor plans and a basic door schedule, you know that our skilled and GAI qualified staff are up for the job.

Working closely with the architect or client, we can complete your ironmongery schedules by coming into your offices, if required. We can also identify any problems through your ironmongery schedule and offer successful solutions.

When you are happy with your ironmongery schedule, you can approve the order and it will be delivered to your site, sometimes with next day delivery depending upon locality. Clearly labelled in door packed sets, our ironmongery schedules leave nothing to chance.

Working to the very latest British and European Standards, we ensure that all of the products recommended in our ironmongery schedules are fit for intended purpose and carry out the function required.

Find out more about our ironmongery schedules by calling our team on 01353 647111.


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