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Wednesday 13th August 2014

BJ Waller Safeguard Student's Security

Always keeping up to date with the latest security technology, BJ Waller were pleased to be able to supply King's Ely School with state of the art locking systems for its latest refurbishment.

Acquiring the Old Bishop's Palace in 2010, King's Ely wanted to give the palace a new lease of life by creating a Sixth Form Centre in its historic 15th century buildings.

The renovation, overseen by GSS Architecture, took just over 18 months and saw the Grade I listed building turned from a former Sue Ryder Hospital to a well designed learning facility, first welcoming students in September 2012.

The initial work included external repairs to the older areas of the Palace before medical equipment was shipped and conversion took place. The single storey area, added to the Palace in the 90s, was also converted, becoming the boarding house for female pupils. The building works included restorations of the 15th century elements to their original glory whilst adding necessary modern technology, including a new locking system supplied by BJ Waller.

All products chosen for the redevelopment needed to be in keeping with the age of the building, as well as practical for the heavy use that would be expected of a school environment. Ensuring our products were compatible with Access Control, we were able to provide a comprehensive system, whilst retaining the style needed for the building. These included bespoke door handles and escape turns, amongst other products.

King's Ely constantly aims to create beautiful and effective learning spaces for its pupils, which BJ Waller is proud to have helped them.

Discussing the works carried out, Mark Hart, Director of Operations at King's Ely, said: "BJ Waller employed an impressive lock system that is new to the Palace. "

Fred Duffield from King's Ely said: "BJ Waller is one of the better ironmongers I've worked with. They were the best organised and best stocked. Simon’s very easy to work with. He worked closely with us on the project, working out our requirements and making sure we'd have the best system for our needs."

Simon Adams, Operations Director at BJ Waller said: "BJ Waller has worked with The King's School Ely on numerous projects for over 20 years, so when they gave us the opportunity to supply the ironmongery for the refurbishment of The Old Bishops Palace we felt very honoured.

“This project proved a challenge right from the very start. There was a vast variety of fixtures and fittings required, with no door set being the same and only a limited time to bring the project to completion.

“I visited the site on numerous occasions throughout the refurbishment and was really pleased to see that all of our effort and hard work had produced a really well finished result which was very rewarding, not only for myself, but for all at B J Waller. We look forward to working with The Kings School again in the future."

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