BJ Waller architectural ironmonger services

B J Waller Architectural ironmongers provide a range of services to joinery professionals including project specification and scheduling, hardware scheduling as well as door and window packing.

Project Specification

B J Waller has taken our expertise in specification and scheduling services and brought them to the Joinery industry. Not only can we supply quality ironmongery hardware, we can help you from the very start of your project with a complete specification and scheduling service.

We do not like to think of ourselves as a supplier but more of a partner; we will attend meetings with the architect and/or clients with you acting as your specialist ironmongery hardware partner, supporting you and your business from the outset of your project.

Our ironmongery hardware specification experts will gather the correct information from the architect, client or contractor on your behalf, to best understand the aesthetic and functional requirements for the project.

Using our vast experience, we will quickly ascertain exactly what is required in style, finish and functionality, ensuring your client gets exactly what they envisaged.

Ironmongery Scheduling for architects

Ironmongery Scheduling

Once the exact specification has been established, we can get to work on producing a full ironmongery schedule, window by window, door by door.

For larger or more complex projects, having a comprehensive ironmongery schedule is an invaluable tool ensuring all parties have one reference point in a well presented, easy to understand format.

As the project moves along, any changes and amendments will be managed within the schedule, issuing any revisions required to ensure the client gets exactly what they are expecting.

As we like to work closely as a partner with our Joinery manufacturers, we will happily brand the comprehensive ironmongery schedule with your company logo and contact details, making this document your own.

Door & Window Packing

We like to help our Joinery manufacturers be as efficient as possible, that’s why we offer our door and window packing service.

The ironmongery hardware for each window or door can be packed in its individual package clearly labelled with window and door numbers or references.

Ensuring we cater for all eventualities, we can offer this as a bespoke service to the individual Joinery Manufacturers requirements, for example we may get asked to supply all hinges in bulk, and then all other hardware individually door or window packed. We can be as flexible as we need to be, if it makes our Joinery partners lives that little bit easier.

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