The Joinery Network

The Joinery Network

B J Waller architectural ironmongers are proud to be a founding partner of The Joinery Network; a cooperative of leading industry suppliers that have come together to provide joinery companies with everything needed to make and sell windows and doors.

The Network was established to improve quality and standards within the joinery industry, acting as a main point of contact for joiners looking to offer superior timber windows and doors.

Who is in The Joinery Network?

It brings together eight leading industry suppliers to provide end-to-end support to joiners. The eight founding partners are:

  • Balls2 Marketing – a specialist marketing agency for windows and doors providing strategy, marketing, PR, social media and digital services.
  • B J Waller – leading architectural ironmongers with large stocks of products available for fast delivery as well as offering a specification and scheduling service to help joiners manage larger projects and keep within budget.
  • CalWin – industry leading joinery ERP software which helps joiners to design and process timber windows and doors quickly and easily.
  • Close Brothers – specialist asset finance funders with relevant woodworking and joinery industry experience, working with joinery businesses across the UK to provide funding for both new and used equipment.
  • Smyth Group – door & cabinet hardware, as well as a hardware consultancy business for joiners, architects and interior designers
  • Fiscale – specialists in research & development Tax Credits that can be used by businesses to encourage the investment in developing ‘new’ or ‘improved’ products.
  • Leitz Tooling UK – UK’s largest supplier of tooling systems for timber windows & doors.
  • OT Dare Joinery Consultants – leading joinery manufacturing consultants, long serving within the joinery industry, from factory planning of large and small machine centres, to waste control and productivity improvements.
The Joinery Network

What is The Joinery Network?

We formed the co-operative of leading industry suppliers to bring joiners the expertise, practical support and certified products needed to grow their timber window and door business.It brings together like-minded, practical experts who understand every aspect of making windows and doors.

PAS 24 certification for timber windows was a key objective for The Joinery Network and is why the first port of call was to put timber windows through the Document Q PAS 24 & BS6375 testing. The timber windows passed the test successfully, so we are able to allow joiners to achieve genuine certification without any risk.

Contact The Joinery Network

You can get in touch with The Joinery Network for anything from advice and marketing, to tooling & machinery as well as hardware supplies.

To help grow your timber business, you can get involved with The Joinery Network by calling 033 33 44 98 95, emailing, or visiting The Joinery Network website.

To find out more about BJ Waller’s involvement as founding partners of The Joinery Network, call us on 01353 647111 or email

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