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Thursday 22nd June 2017

BJ Waller are proud to have been involved with the exciting project at Heckington Windmill

Heckington Windmill received funding from the National Lottery Heritage Funding and it took many years to get to the finished building we see now. We worked closely with a number of parties who all had a say on what was required on site.

We produced a detailed Specification for Karen at Cowper Griffiths Associates and over the duration of the project this was constantly reviewed and amended accordingly to keep in line with the historic site. Mark Lord (Operations Manager at BJ Waller Ltd) attended site and meetings to ensure all ironmongery was not only fit for purpose and conformed with all standards and legislations, but also was in keeping with the traditional buildings.

“This was a unique project where no two doors were the same and each had their own specific requirement in the building”, said Mark of BJ Waller. “The finished look is a sight to behold and I would strongly recommend going to see the only eight sailed working Windmill in Europe, possibly the world”

BJ Waller supplied the ironmongery to Newman Moore Ltd who in turn worked very closely with Jim Bailey (Site Manager for Heckington Windmill). With the help of our door-packed Ironmongery and detailed schedules they were able to deliver the project on time and in budget.

Heckington Windmill was originally built in 1830 and after a severe thunderstorm was repaired in 1892. The windmill ceased work in 1946 and deteriorated until 1953 when Kesteven County Council purchased it in 1953. In 1986 the windmill underwent restoration and now with this latest regeneration project the mill is in full working order and is producing its own flour.

Even with a building over 125 years old we were still able to supply high end modern fittings with our AGB Lift and Slide Doors on the rear of the mill. This not only gives the building a distinctive look but also provides a high level of security. Even when the doors are fully closed the large expanse of glass allows maximum light into the building.

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