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Intumescent fire and smoke seals


Intumescent fire and smoke seals 


Offering an extensive range of high quality intumescent fire and smoke seals to protect against sound, smoke and fire, we include all the dimensional and technical details required to ensure the correct seals for each project.


Intumescent fire and smoke seals are designed to provide protection against the passage of cold smoke, and can often be a Building Regulation requirement. Acoustic seals may also be required in flats, apartments, surgeries and schools. Able to supply intumescent fire and smoke seals for all project types, in the past we have worked with community centres, healthcare providers and educational facilities to offer them the very best safety supplies and equipment.

Our intumescent fire and smoke seals are supplied by respected company, Lorient, who have over 30 years experience working with ground-breaking, life-saving innovations that will protect you and your property from the devastating consequences of fire. The intumescent fire and smoke seals, when properly located and secured, prevents passage of cold smoke, fire and hot smoke.


Fitted into the head and jambs of the door frame, or the top and sides of the door leaf itself, the intumescent fire and smoke seals in the event of a fire expand to 5-10 times their original size sealing the gaps and creating an effective barrier. The intumescent fire and smoke seals will also block out noise that could influence human activity.

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Wednesday 29th August 2018

BJ Waller Exclusively Launches the BUVA IsoStone Door Threshold

Architectural Ironmonger BJ Waller launches the BUVA IsoStone threshold, as the exclusive supplier in the UK.

BUVA IsoStone is a high strength, high quality, insulated and weatherproof door threshold, perfect for timber and composite entrance doors, including double doors.

Wednesday 29th August 2018

BJ Waller to exhibit at The Build Show

BJ Waller will launch the new BUVA IsoStone threshold on the PIGS Product Pavilion, part of The Build Show 2018 at UK Construction Week. Architectural Ironmonger BJ Waller will be exhibiting the exclusive weatherproof and easy to fit door threshold at the new Doors, Windows & Glass Show.

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Deventer Weather Seals for Timber Windows and Doors

Try it, youíll love it! We think that once joinery manufacturers try Deventer seals, they wonít go back. Thatís because high quality weather seals make better windows and doors. Offering superior protection to wind, water, sound and smoke, Deventer seals give you and your customers the very best.