Grade 316 Satin Stainless Steel Straight Flat Square T-Bar Pull Handles (Kits)

Grade 316 Satin Stainless Steel Straight Flat Square T-Bar Pull Handles (Kits) SKU
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A brushed stainless steel bar handle creates a stunning entrance door with contemporary styling. Manufactured from austenitic grade 316 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance for the external handle

Meticulously designed from high quality steel and designed with precision corners and joints for a lasting beautiful finish

Alongside stunning looks, all handles have been tested to the highest technical standards. The 316 handles have been tested to 480 hours (BS EN 1670:2007 Class 5) Salt spray to provide the most robust finish for your hardware; and to ensure smooth and consistent performance over time the handle is endurance tested to excess of 200,000 cycles

Available in bolt through fix, secret fix and back to back fix



To maintain your stainless steel product in best condition, we recommend routine cleaning once a month. All exposed stainless steel surfaces should be wiped over with a clean cloth and warm water with a mild detergent on a frequent and routine basis. Cleaning should always be immediately followed by rinsing in clean hot water and the surface then wiped completely with a dry towel. For more stubborn dirt or stains use mild, non-scratching abrasive powders such as typical household cleaners. These can be used with bristle brushes, sponges or non-abrasive scourers. For more aggressive cleaning a small amount of vinegar can be added to the powder. Carbon steel brushes and steel wool should be avoided as they may leave particles embedded in the surface, which can lead to rusting

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