Grade 304 Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) SupaSecure TS008 High Security/Weather Sealed Sleeved Letter Plate

SKU 20.90402
Grade 304 Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) SupaSecure TS008 High Security/Weather Sealed Sleeved Letter Plate SKU 20.90402
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PAS 24 Tested Yes
To Suit Door Thicknesses 24-56mm
Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) - Grade 304
Availability Non-stocked
Base Material Grade 304 Stainless Steel
2. Letter Plate Width 310mm
3. Letter Plate Height 71mm
Fixing's Included Yes
Letter Plate Aperture Opening 296x46mm
Letter Plate Internal Size 340x76mm
Performance Standard Tested to PAS24: 2016, TS008 grade 2 enhanced security
Secured by Design Yes

The MILA SupaSecure TS008 Enhanced Letterplate offers enhanced security including patented anti-fishing technology, a secure 80° opening angle and angled postal ramp

  • High Security - Tested to PAS24: 2016, TS008 grade 2 an enhanced security specification for letterplates, It covers attack methods including fishing, ability to manipulate the door lock, removing posted items and forced removal of the letterplates
  • Secured by Design approved - logo etched into the letterplate as a visual deterrent
  • Corrison Resistant - Tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 achieving 480 hours salt spray. Real-life tested to more than twice the standard to 1056 hours salt spray
  • Extreme Weather Sealing -  Tested to BS 6375-1 achieving 150 pascals water penetration, withstanding 2 litres of water per minute under gale force wind conditons
  • Cycle tested to 20,000 cycles for operational reliability 
  • Telescopic - Suitable for door thicknesses 24-56mm or 61mm-91mm with telescopic sleeve extender
  • Heavy Duty - Acheived 100kg flap pull test for enhanced security 
  • Restricted opening angle of 80 degrees enables the TS008 letterplate to be accessible yet secure
  • Slim Design - The compact designof the internal half of the letterplate projects just 45mm which looks discreet and allows the door to fully open
  • Simple Installation - Ready to fit - straight from the box to the door in one piece, no need to disassemble first. Fits standard aperture - no sepcial fixings or routing required. Fast- fit it in 3 minutes
  • External plate grade 304 satin stainless steel, internal plate matching satin silver
  • Internal letter plate size: 340x76mm / external letter plate size: 310x71mm
  • Aperture size: 296x46mm

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