SV2 Deventer Glazing Seal

Deventer Weatherseals SKU
SV2 Deventer Glazing Seal Deventer Weatherseals SKU
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  • SV2 by Deventer is a dry glazing seal used to seal around the external glazing beads on timber windows and doors
  • Made of high quality TPE water resistant closed-cell microfoam to ensure no water absorption is possible 
  • Rigid back - the foot of the Deventer seal easily fits and grips in the groove for easy installation and to prevent stretching
  • Compatible with resin and acrylic paint
  • Age, weathering, UV and Ozone resistant 
  • Tested working temperature range of 40 C to +120 C
  • Good deflection recovery 
  • Cradle to Cradle certified seal - made from 100% recyclable material, using a manufacturing process which is environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint 

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