Trimvent® Select Xtra S13 Surface Mounted Slot Vent

Trimvent® Select Xtra S13 Surface Mounted Slot Vent SKU
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Trimvent Select Xtra S13 is a surface mounted plastic slot ventilator that fits over a 13mm slot in a window and provides an Equivalent Area (EA) of 4400mm². It can be fitted with an XC13 canopy.

The XS13 is ideal for both new build and refurbishment situations using any window material. The Xtra design improves the Trimvent Select range to offer increased ventilation. It gives optimum airflow (and therefore EA) utilising existing Trimvent Select slot sizes and vent lengths, making them 60% more efficient than previous models. It has been specifically developed for recent revisions to Part F of the Building Regulations for Ventilation (England & Wales), is optimised for use with the Scottish Technical Standards and to improve performance for requirements throughout the UK and Europe.

Trimvent Select trickle ventilators have been specified and fitted on millions of windows throughout the UK and mainland Europe over the last 20 years.



  • Uprated design to improve performance and Regulations compliance
  • Unique occupant controllable tilting T-bar
  • Rounded unobtrusive shape
  • Can be fitted on the sash, frame or overhead section
  • For use over 13mm slot
  • Based on successful Trimvent® principle
  • Sculpted finger recess
  • Screw fix 
  • Patented and registered design
  • When specified correctly complies with Building Regulations

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