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Secure Bi-folding door gear | Secure Bi-folding door gear with BJ Waller

Secure Bi-folding door gear


Secure Bi-folding door gear


Secure bi-folding door gears allow the leaves to run and fold smoothly away. This type of door promises to keep your home warm when it is cold outside and vice versa meaning they are a useful and economical addition to your home. The high performance secure bi-folding door gears are quiet and easy to operate therefore dispelling the myths that bi-folding doors are difficult to handle with the mechanism proving problematic. The sturdy design that makes secure bi-folding door gears so effective is made of concealed fixings that are robust, meaning the gears can freely glide to make the doors more functional. From a safety perspective, secure bi-folding door gears are made of concealed fixings to make them safer especially for children. Allowing you to make your interior and exterior spaces more interchangeable, secure bi-folding door gears are made of high grade stainless steel that has been widely tested to assure quality. The stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and means that secure bi-folding door gears can be operated effortlessly to allow easy movement between inside and outside spaces. It is recognised that secure bi-folding door systems are only as good as the secure bi-folding door gears themselves to ensure optimal security and smooth functioning. Secure bi-folding door gears are not only aesthetic with the fixings being concealed and not visible. The gears also provide thermal performance and high security meaning that secure bi-folding door gears offer an effective and complete solution.

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