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Deventer | Deventer BJ Waller solutions for windows and doors




Deventer is a company based in the Netherlands that provides sealing solutions for windows and doors. Whilst ensuring correct and complete sealing solutions Deventer seals also take into account visual aspects and the users comfort. As well as being designed to protect against the elements, Deventer seals also provide solutions against smoke, fire and sound. Deventer TPE seals are smoke-resistant to temperatures up to 200° C whilst fire retardant qualities prevent the seals from either catching alight or melting. Deventer have designed the seals to be fire resistant for up to 60 minutes dependent on the type of construction. As a company, Deventer believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and try to be as economical as possible by reducing waste, transport costs and CO2 emissions. In the same vein, seals by Deventer are ideal for the energy conscious as they seal the areas where the warmth can escape. Deventer seals are available for a wide range of windows and doors including retractable, tilt and slide, interior and exterior doors. Available in a range of colours and functions, Deventer have ensured that the seals are appealing to a wide variety of clients.

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Friday 16th February 2018

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Monday 9th October 2017

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Tuesday 26th September 2017

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