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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Tuesday 12th September 2017

?Fit and forget? with Royde & Tucker HI-LOAD hinges

Hinges are the most important piece of hardware on any commercial doorset. If they fail, the door fails. It doesn’t matter how high spec the other door hardware is, a doorset cannot do its job without fully functioning hinges.  

Despite this, it still doesn’t stop cheap, poor quality hinges from being specified on commercial doorsets even on fire doors. In fact, around 80 percent of specifications for commercial doorsets use cheap ball bearing hinges. They may do the job in the short-term and make savings for contractors, architects and specifiers but in the long-term they aren’t effective and can put lives at risk. If something goes wrong, the architects, contractors and specifiers could be liable.

To keep cheap ball bearing hinges in top working condition, they have to be maintained throughout their lifespan. Without being maintained, they can cause real issues. If the hinge wears, it can stop a door closer from functioning or cause the gap at the top or bottom to change dramatically. This is a real problem, especially with fire doors because of the implications for saftey it could have.

It’s very unlikely that any hinge will receive the required maintenance needed, compromising the door’s performance. That’s why it’s important to specify hinges that are high quality and provide a reliable performance over its entire lifespan.

Royde & Tucker 

At BJ Waller, we look at projects from a hardware perspective. Our extensive knowledge of hinges helps us to specify the best ones for each project. Sourcing top quality hardware is important to us and that’s why we work with a wide range of suppliers. One of the British manufacturers we work closely with is Royde & Tucker.

Royde & Tucker make precision-made HI-LOAD hinges that are high-quality, low friction and no maintenance. They are unique and provide a far superior performance to cheaper hinges.

Even though low-quality ball bearing hinges still meet the required regulations for commercial fire doors, they scrape through. If they were tested repeatedly during their lifespan, they would fail. Royde & Tuckers’ HI-LOAD hinges are guaranteed to perform for 25 years. The installer can ‘fit and forget’ them. They offer complete peace of mind that they won’t compromise the doorsets performance. They are specially designed for high use applications like hospitals, schools and residential buildings.    

Here is a great video that demonstrates the difference in performance between the Royde & Tucker HI-LOAD bearing technology and standard ball bearing hinges.


The video shows how ball bearing hinges wear over time. Oil can actually leak from the hinge, which has an impact on its performance, affecting the whole doorset at the same time. It highlights the issues it can cause for the lock and closer. This is why it’s so important to make sure the hinges are actually fit for purpose.

Top Service and Flexible Delivery

At BJ Waller, we like to work with manufacturers who not only make high quality, reliable hardware, but share our work ethic too. It’s all about providing a helpful and informative service that gives architects and contractors the right advice to help them make the best decision from the options available for their project.

We work with customers right from the very first point of contact, through until after every piece of door hardware is completely installed. We like our suppliers to do the same which is why it’s not just the quality of Royde & Tucker’s hinges, but also the service it provides that is behind why we specify them.

We work closely with Royde & Tucker to make sure if any special requirements are needed for a project they can be done, and to make sure hinges and other door hardware is delivered to meet strict project deadlines.

If you need precision-made architectural hardware for your next project, call BJ Waller on 01353 647111 for advice. 

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