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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Tuesday 12th September 2017

Make life easier for everybody with integrated doorsets

The real cost of any project is measured over time. That's why when it comes to commercial doorsets it's really important for architects and specifiers to get the hardware right. Choosing the right hinges, handles, closers, locking system and much more can have a real impact on the lifespan of commercial doors on your project. 

Preparation is key when it comes to selecting the right hardware. Which is why BJ Waller has an integrated commercial doorset service for fire resistant, x-ray and acoustic doors. We think it’s the future of how doorsets will be specified. With our extensive knowledge of door hardware, the service helps to ensure the right hardware is specified to suit each individual project, so savings can be made over time, and time can be saved in the short term. It makes lives easier for everybody. So how does it work? 

One man with one screwdriver

Working alongside a leading UK door manufacturer, our integrated doorset service helps to improve the overall quality of each doorset specified and reduce time needed on site for commercial projects. In fact, only one man with one screwdriver is required to fit an integrated doorset from BJ Waller. 

Our integrated doorsets are prepped in the factory. We fit all flush hardware to the doorset so the installer doesn't have to. All other hardware including handles is fully prepared so it's ready for fast fitting on site and door slabs are delivered pre-hung. Then with just one screwdriver the installer can fit the door into place and add the handles. Job done. 

Choice of ironmongery hardware makes or breaks a commercial door

Without the correct hinge, handle, closer, or lock, a commercial door can become ineffective. It can cause problems for occupants down the line and could put the liability back to the contractor, architect or developer.

We look at every project from a hardware perspective. Working alongside our manufacturing partners, we build the best possible schedule to suit the requirements of each commercial project. We take into account the application of the building and the purpose and position of each doorset to determine which hardware we specify. 

Right from the initial enquiry, we provide support to architects, contractors and specifiers throughout scheduling, delivery and installation. We have excellent after sales support too. This helps to make sure every installation of a doorset is right. The savings continue because it reduces the likelihood for repairing or replacing commercial doorsets.

If you would like further information about our integrated doorset service, download our handy guide today. It takes you through everything you need to know about our service. From the types of hardware that are fully prepped in the factory, to the length of guarantees you can get. 

To get your copy, click here.

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